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Our body piercing shop in Palm Bay exclusively uses the highest quality materials. Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us. Everything run out of a Statim G4 autoclave before insertion, and all of our equipment is fully-disposable. We only carry implant-grade titanium, niobium, glass, 14k, and 18k nickel-free gold, and never any cheap alternatives. Your body deserves the best!

We are also the dopest tattoo shop in Palm Bay!

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Minor Piercings

Our body piercing shop in Palm Bay has very strict parental/guardian consent policies: for all minor piercings, you are required to have a completed, and notarized, minor body piercing consent form filled out before your appointment. This form must be notarized PRIOR to your appointment, and you must also bring proper identification for both parent / legal guardian and the minor.

**ID requirements for parent/guardian: government issued Identification card, driver license, or passport

**Minor ID: government photo identification OR student ID with birth certificate

(a photo ID can be obtained at your local DMV for a young child)

​Body Piercing Age Restrictions

  • Minors under 12 require an appointment with a deposit hold of $25, by booking an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read the requirements for body piercing of minors and understand the documents needed prior to the appointment.
  • If you arrive at your appointment without the required documents, you will be charged the $25 cancellation fee and will need to book a new appointment.
  • Earlobes 5+ (with the childs verbal consent)
  • Helix piercings 13+
  • All other ear piercings, navel, nostril, septum 15+
  • Lip piercings 16+
  • Tongues and genital 18+ 

Piercing STARTING Prices with Jewelry

Piercing Fee + Jewelry = Total Cost

Paired earlobes starts at $140

Paired nipples starts at $140

Paired nostrils starts at $140

Any SINGLE helix, tragus, conch, forward helix, lobe, nipple, nostril starts at $80

Rook, anti-tragus, eyebrow starts at $75

Daith starts at $70

Septum starts at $75-$90 with 2 different basic options

Oral piercings (tongue or lip) starts at $85

These prices include basic implant grade titanium jewelry!

Prices do reflect the jewelry size and style as well.

I do offer the purchase of aftercare as well. I will only carry Neilmed Piercing Aftercare.

$9 for 2.5 oz or  $13 for 6 oz


Kristen Adkins

Professional Piercer

Hey! My name is Kristen, I’ve been piercing since 2015 and can’t see myself doing anything other than adorning your body with quality jewelry. Everyday I continue to love my career more and more. I am new to the Endless Summer team. I started my career in Tavares, then made my way to Gainesville FL. I saw an opportunity to further my career at Endless Summer’s body piercing shop in Palm Bay, so alas, here I am and I’m super stoked to meet every one of you and have so many plans to make your piercing experience the best one yet.

Outside of my career, I also am a mother to two beautiful children and have cats and snakes for pets and a very supportive other half. When I have the extra time, I get tattooed, take random weekend trips to the mountains, buy car parts to modify my cars and collect random things for display at my house. Other than that, I’m a homebody and would prefer to just kick it with my family.

IMG_0631 (2)


Professional Piercer

Hey ya’ll! I’m Megan! I’ve been piercing for about ten years! I’m so in love with decorating your bodies with pretty shiny things, I can’t even put it into words!
Piercing has been, and continues to my true passion.
I started my career, where I spent roughly 5 years in SWFL.
At the beginning of 2019, I made my way to Orlando, FL honing my skills, driven to be forever excelling and learning my craft.

I joined Endless Summer’s body piercing shop in 2023 and I’m so stoked to be a part of such an incredible team! I’m pretty well known for ear projects, specifically triple helix piercings, because they’re my absolute favorite! In my spare time you can catch me puzzling (yes, as in jigsaw, I’m a nerd, haha) or spending time with my English bull terrier, Oliver. 

Piercing Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have a bunch of questions about our body piercing shop in Palm Bay, and we’ve tried to answer as many of them as we can right here, but feel free also to call our body piercers!

Your body deserves the best quality and best possible healing. Piercing is a luxury service and we will never carry cheap alternatives.

Short answer is no, you may not bring your personal jewelry to our body piercing shop in Palm Bay. We are unable to verify the material of jewelry purchased elsewhere, and all the jewelry companies we carry are trusted in the high end piercing industry.

Tips are appreciated but never expected. However piercing is a service much like getting your hair or nails done, so during checkout there’s a tip screen when paying with a card, or cash is an option as well.

Stay well rested, hydrated and be sure to eat beforehand.

In all honesty, no piercing is comfortable, however I strive to keep my clients calm before, during and after the procedure. You’re in great hands. I take care of my clients how I would want to be taken care of!

No one can accompany you in the piercing room, only a minor getting pierced may have 1 parent or guardian with them. But I promise, you got this!

We carry jewelry made from solid 14k or 18k nickel-free gold, implant grade (ASTM-F136) titanium, niobium, and glass.

No. I will only pierce ages 5 and up with the child’s enthusiastic consent. I would never hold a child down to pierce them, if they say no, then I respect their body and will not proceed.

Valid state issued ID, driver license, or passport.

**Military ID is NOT an acceptable form of identification as it’s prohibited by law to photo copy.

For minors along with the parent or guardian, a government ID or school ID with child’s birth certificate

This is Florida law, and I can’t change it. So please bring proper identification 🙂

We're strict at out body piercing shop in Palm Bay about our minor rules. Please scroll up to read the Minor Piercing section above.

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